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Read "Flesh and Blood" here!

First up, Flesh and Blood: a widow’s investigation of the mysterious death of her husband leads her to a reclusive family of cannibals in the Scottish Highlands. Picked as Diamond Distribution’s featured UK graphic novel! Enjoy the first three volumes here for free – the full graphic novel is available for purchase at our table at K-12 in Artists Alley. Not a bad gift for Halloween weekend, methinks.

Baghead VERSUS

The scares continue with BAGHEAD VERSUS. The mysterious Baghead is on a mission to kill as many iconic horror villains as possible. He’s already popped up in PSYCHO and THE SHINING - who will he come for next?

Click on the WHO'S NEXT tab above to get a random killer and murder weapon, then come to table K-12 in artists alley to get a FREE sketch from artist Chris Geary of Baghead killing-the-killer in an inventive way.

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